Debugging page templates in doctests

Sometimes you get a page template error in doctests. The traceback does not point to the place in the page template that caused the error. Here's a quick, dirty and effective three liner to figure it out:

>>> import traceback
>>> from zope.exceptions.exceptionformatter import print_exception
>>> traceback.print_exception = print_exception

Hello world

CatapultSo, here is my new blog. Welcome, readers!

What will this blog be about? I have no intention of centering on any particular topic, so expect an eclectic mix of posts on my interests: Zope 3, software development in general, windsurfing, photograpy.

A couple of words on naming. alga and albertas blog names on blogspot.com are taken by selfish irresponsible people who have posted one entry three years ago. LTU-42 is my sail number, so at least my windsurfing companions will recognize this as my id.