The Future

Nokia N900

I've touched it. Nokia N900 is awsome. The shape and size is that of a large phone, like the early Symbian smartphones. But it is very slick and is packed with features. It has a slide-out keyboard, a camera with a sliding cover, a leg to stand on the table, a Micro USB connector for power and data, a hardware key lock, several hardware buttons, etc.

The software side, Maemo 5, is also awesome. Looks very slick, feels responsive and ergonomic. And polished. But it's an open platform, based on Linux, X11, QT, GTK+, D-Bus. It looks like head-on competition to iPhone. Reminds me that companies the size of Nokia have the resources pull off almost anything. But it's really great that Nokia is doing it right -- in a way that is Open Source, community based, and iterative.