Ubuntu Oneiric FTW :(

I was used to having uptimes in the order of weeks on the laptop. A couple of suspends, resumes every day, hooking up and disconnecting from the external monitor. Everything worked without a hitch on Ubuntu during the last couple of years. I was being conservative and used Gnome 2 without compositing most of that time. But Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric is different. Gnome 3 used to crash 5 times a day, Unity has a ~50% chance of surviving a day or two. Most often things seem to crash after the screensaver has kicked in. Yay Ubuntu. Might be time to look elsewhere. Linux Mint or good ole Debian.


Tom Hoffman said...

If GNOME is just as problematic as Unity now (as it seems to be), I'm not sure if moving will help. But yes, I've had similar frustrations on my desktop.

Albertas Agejevas said...

I tried Gnome 3 first for a couple of weeks. Moving to Unity was, to my surprise, a marked improvement in stability and usability.